5 Tips for Making the Most of your Visit to Denali National Park


5 Tips for Making the Most of your Visit to Denali National Park

One of our most popular hiking tours is the one that goes through Denali National Park. This is because it is truly one of the most beautiful places that most people have ever seen. It is a unique wilderness that is vast and unspoiled in many areas. However, it can be a challenge to navigate through the park if you are not in shape or if you have not done your research on what to expect before you arrive there. Read on for essential tips for visiting Denali National Park that will make your hike there truly awesome.

  • Be prepared for trail-less wilderness: Denali National Park is different from many national parks in that it is not comprised of easily traversable, well-maintained hiking trails. In fact, there is only about 35 miles of trails there and those are all accessed from the first 15 miles of the Park Road. This is the reason we recommend you check your fitness level before scheduling a hike with us.
  • Do your research: No matter where you hike it always pays to have some information about the trail and area you will be hiking. This is especially important when visiting Denali National Park as much of the backcountry there is completely untouched. Therefore, it helps to learn all you can about the climate there, the wildlife you may encounter and the terrain over which you may be traveling. Knowing these things will make you safer and help you enjoy yourself more.denali
  • Expect any type of weather: At any given moment the weather in Denali National Park is subject to change. One can experience snow in July and hail in August. Moreover, on more than one occasion, the roads there have been closed due to snow in June! Thus, you should dress in anticipation of the fact that the weather there is dynamic. You should always pack a coat, hat, scarf, gloves, etc.,
  • Carry bear spray: Mostly bear will leave you alone if you do not bother them. In fact, if you make noise as you hike, you will have the best chance of scaring them away if any are in the area. However, should you come upon a bear unexpectedly, it is good idea to have bear spray on your person. Bear spray irritates a bear’s super-sensitive sense of smell and will repel them without causing lasting harm.
  • Bring a camera or cell phone: Finally, you will want to capture the unbelievable beauty of the region when you visit the park. You will get an opportunity to view awe-inspiring landscapes, wild animals, etc., in a way that few outside the state have.

Yes, our Denali National Park tour is truly awesome but it is only one of several adventure hiking and cycling tours available on our site. We also have Big Sur adventures for those who prefer to say a little closer to home and we even have scenic railroad trips for people who just want to relax and take in the scenery in comfort and old-fashioned style.

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