6 Bike Touring Mistakes and How You can Avoid Them

6 Bike Touring Mistakes and How You can Avoid Them

When it comes to planning, preparing for, and executing a long-distance bicycle tour there are certain mistakes that cyclists should avoid if they are to meet their goals. Avoid the following pitfalls and soon you’ll be flying down those roads, avoiding pain, embarrassment and frustration all the way.

  • Packing too much stuff: It’s important to pack the essentials when you are going on a bike trip of any length – water, a compass or GPS, etc. – but there is such a thing as over-packing. Ask yourself as you are packing if you will need the items you are trying to cram into your backpack. You’ll find the answer is “no” to many of the items you considering packing for your tour.
  • Distributing your gear incorrectly: The gear you do need should be packed evenly on your bike so that it does not make you peddle harder than you have to. Moreover, improper distribution of weight will also put a strain on your tires and cause your bike to be more difficult to handle. None of this is desirable when you are touring long distances.
  • Not slowing down long enough to take in the scenery: Don’t get into a racing mentality when you are touring areas that are full of rich scenery and beautiful landscapes are is the case with our Big Sur adventures. Some riders do this and miss all that is around them. Slow down long enough to take in the wildlife, the flora and fauna, the architecture and the topography of where you will be touring.
  • Touring in the wrong season: Be sure to check the weather of the area in which you will be cycling. If it sounds like it may be too hot or cold for you to endure, do not go. Reschedule your trip for another time/location.
  • Not eating enough: You will need a lot of energy while you are touring. Hunger can not only weaken you, it can also be a distraction. Eat a full meal before you start out and pack a supply of snacks like nuts, fruit and chocolate on the bike. Graze on them every two hours or so to maintain your energy level and so that your blood sugar does not drop.biking
  • Believing that bike touring is scary or complicated: Touring long distances can be a challenge but what is wrong with that? By ignoring the naysayers and taking some time to prepare yourself you can experience the thrill of a lifetime while you meet and interact with new people and cultures.

Avoid these mistakes to maximize your enjoyment of wherever you decide to tour. Our tours of California, Europe, New England, Utah and Colorado will expose you to some truly stunning vistas that can best be appreciated on bike. You won’t want to zip through these areas without taking in the scenery of small towns, beautiful architecture, mountains, etc. We even have scenic railroad trips for those of you interested in a truly unique way to view North America.

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