Ideal for families looking for flatter, safe car-free or lower traffic cycling, the Cape offers the Cape Cod Rail Trail which continues to expand. With shuttles routes of 10-25 miles per day are feasible. For those looking for more of a challenge rides of 30-50 miles are possible.

Bonus: The islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard are a short ferry ride away. Adding one, or both, of these islands for riding or day trips or an overnight stay is possible and a great way to unwind.‍‍‍

“Our family moved to Cape Cod when I was six and since my mom still lives there, I still call it ‘hom‍‍‍e’. The Cape is a magical place that I have introduced to my wife and our children and they have fallen in love with it’s charm as well. The sun, the sea and the bounty of deliciousness it contains are reasons enough.”

Cape Cod

One of New England’s most beloved beachfront regions, Cape Cod is full of culture and personality. Home of cranberries and clambakes, art galleries and summer cottages, our Cape Cod tours let you explore the region at your pace. You can cycle past stunning water views, working lighthouses and quaint coastal towns. Off-the bike you can enjoy kayaking and whale watching from Provincetown but still have time to stroll the beaches.

Bike tours

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Cape Cod National Seashore offers miles of trails to explore.

A pad‍‍‍‍‍‍dle on Pleasant Bay or Nauset Marsh offers a great way to experience the serenity of these environments



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