COVID-19 Updates

We’ve come a long way since March 2020 when things were fully shutdown. Since things started to reopen in summer 2020, we have successfully and safely operated tours for thousands of guests. While we all wish COVID-19 was history, we still must take some precautions.

COVID-19 Policies:

Everyone’s safety (and concerns about safety) are paramount. While we cannot completely eliminate the risk, we are taking every reasonable precaution to mitigate risk of transmission of SARS-CoV-2 among our groups of travelers, our guides and the folks we encounter in the communities we visit along the way. Please note our current policies as of November 8, 2022:

  • Vaccination: At this point we kindly request all guests and our staff to be fully vaccinated & boosted against COVID-19. We are willing to accept travelers who are unvaccinated, provided they have previously had COVID-19, which therefore reduces the risk they pose to others similar to someone who is vaccinated.
  • Pre-trip Testing: We currently are requiring everyone to take a rapid, antigen “home test” within 24 hours prior to the trip start (we can provide these to anyone who has not taken one).
  • Masks: Generally everyone is to be masked while in close quarters in the support vehicles or when requested by our guides, our vendors or required by local law.
  • Isolation: If anyone tests positive or is feeling unwell and showing symptoms of COVID-19 prior to or during the tour they must notify the guide and remain isolated while a diagnosis is made. Black Sheep Adventures is not responsible for the cost related to medical treatment or isolation.

We highly recommend travel insurance to help protect your travel investment against various covered losses.