Essential Items to Pack when Hiking through Alaska

Essential Items to Pack when Hiking through Alaska

Mankind’s thirst for adventure is unquenchable yet he tries everyday to create and overcome challenges for himself. One of those challenges is the Alaskan wilderness which many people consider to be one of the last unspoiled regions on the planet. Hiking there is certainly not for the faint of heart but we can assure those of who do decide to challenge themselves to explore this region that Alaska does not disappoint. We’ve put together a list of tips for what to wear in Alaska and what to pack in order to make this the best trip possible for you and your party.

Bear protection: In a previous post we gave you some tips on avoiding bear encounters while hiking. We still feel that avoidance is the best strategy to use when it comes to dealing with bears. However, it is still wise to pack a non-lethal deterrent with you when you hike in bear country such as bear spray. Bears have extremely sensitive noses even more sensitive than a bloodhound. Bear spray irritants bears without causing them any lasting harm. (In fact, it is illegal to harm bears unless your life is in imminent danger.)

Water: Some people feel that the need to stay hydrated applies only to hot, arid regions. These people are wrong. The need to dress warmly when hiking through Alaska can cause one to perspire rapidly causing a loss of fluids. Thus, you may wish to bring with you a backpack with a built-in water reservoir and drinking tube so that you can hydrate as you go.

Quality travel binoculars: While not a necessity in the same way that water or bear spray are, a good pair of binocular will keep you from missing some truly awesome sights.

Layers: Dress warmly but wear clothes that allow your body to expel some moisture and heat. Dress in base layers and wear a waterproof outer layer to keep yourself cozy and dry.

Map: You may have to go old school when hiking through Alaska as cell phone coverage can sometimes be spotty. Therefore, in order to be safe bring with you a paper map and compass just to be on the safe side.

In short, Alaska is the last place on earth you want to explore without making the proper preparations both physically and in the items you carry with you. We provide you with the opportunity you will need to mark this off your bucket list. You may also wish to try one of our road bike cycling tours or scenic railroad tour of the many parts of this great country.

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