Reasons to Visit Death Valley

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Reasons to Visit Death Valley

Death Valley offers a unique experience for those who are sturdy enough to hike the national park there that can scarcely be found elsewhere. Some people find this fact intimidating; others find it a reason enough to go and experience this distinctive climate. If you are looking for a new spot to explore, here are 5 reasons why Death Valley should be on your list.

  • The scenery: Death Valley is more than just a barren landscape. It is more than just miles and miles of sand. It has a rich and varied topography from Badwater Basin to Telescope Peak. There you can see mountains, the mysterious sailing stones at Racetrack Playa and even sturdy wildflowers that have survived the heat.
  • The life: Wildflowers are not the only life that survives every day in the park. Desert bighorn sheep, lizards and the tiny pupfish, which lives in pools saltier than seawater all thrive and call the national park home.
  • Meet people from all over the world: The Park – which has been known to reach 134°F (57°C) – is a kind of Mecca for people all around the world who wish to challenge themselves, see a part of history and view the unique terrain of Death Valley. In fact, people from places such as Germany, France, and Italy are strongly represented there.death valley tour
  • Pleasant hiking temperatures: Yes, there are times when one can hike here minus the searing heat. During the end of winter the day time temperatures have been known to reach 65°F (18°C) and at night, lows were in the mid 40’s (5-8°C). These temperatures can make hiking and exploring just right for people who do not wish to brave the heat of summer.
  • Small crowds: Although Death Valley National Park is growing in popularity it has not yet reached the notoriety of places such as Yellowstone, and Glacier National Parks. Therefore, it is an ideal location for those who wish to enjoy the quiet solitude of the Park and its surroundings.

We hope these reasons help you get a small sample of what Death Valley National has to offer hikers and cyclists who wish to challenge themselves. You will get to view the amazing sights there or you can take advantage of some of our other trips such as our Big Sur adventures. You can also relax on one of our scenic railroad trips as you view regions of the United States and Canada including the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Rockies, and Glacier National Park.

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