The Top 5 Benefits of Biking

The Top 5 Benefits of Biking

In today’s stress filled world many people are looking for an outlet. The problem is that some of these outlets are more effective than others. Well, we may be a bit biased at Black Sheep Adventures since we offer tours in our home state of California, many of the Western States, New England, and across Europe and Latin American, but we say that cycling is that perfect release. It helps relieve the stress that many people feel today and is nearly the perfect form of exercise. With all this said, let’s take a look at the top 5 benefits – mental and physical – of cycling.

Cycling promotes weight loss: It’s not that difficult really: If you expend more calories than you consume you will lose weight. Cycling burns anywhere between 400 to 1000 per how depending on how intensely you cycle and your weight. In a country like ours that has such a high obesity rate, cycling is the perfect activity to add to any diet regime.

Cycling builds muscle: Biking is the perfect activity because it is an aerobic exercise that also has resistance elements in it. The glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves get an extensive resistance exercise as a result of cycling.

Cycling is easy on the joints: Cycling is easier on the joints than are some other activities such as running, basketball, tennis, etc. Thus, cycling is ideal for people who have joint issues which are related to disease or old age.

Cycling helps you sleep better: Cycling helps reduce cortisol levels in the body. This stress hormone can actually block our sleep. Moreover, cycling can affect the levels of serotonin in the brain which helps improve our sleep cycles. All this means a better night’s sleep which is essential to good mental and physical well-being.

Cycling helps grow your social circle: When it comes right down to it, cycling is a great way to meet like minded people who also enjoy this addictive sport. There are many, many cycling clubs and indeed a whole cycling culture that one can join. Our cycling tours can put you in touch with like minded people or can increase the bound between you and the club of which you may already be a member.

In summary, the psychological and mental advantages of cycling are too many to completely list here. In addition to our cycling tours we provide scenic railroad trips across regions of the United States and Canada including the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Rockies, and Glacier National Park. Our Big Sur Adventures are also full of fun and excitement. Finally, all tours and hikes are reasonably priced.

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