Tips for Staying Hydrated While Hiking

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Tips for Staying Hydrated While Hiking

It is a little known fact that a person can suffer from dehydration without even being thirsty. This is especially the case when that person in engaged in some exhilarating activity – like hiking – that has his/her mind otherwise occupied. However, the fact remains that dehydration can impair your performance and even endanger your well-being. To make sure you stay healthy and have the best trip possible, follow these simple tips to stay hydrated on the trail:

  • Hydrate before you go! It is just as important to drink plenty of fluids before you set out as it is once you hit the trail. On the morning before you head out drink plenty of water with your breakfast. (Actually, you should drink before, during and after your hike.) On longer, tougher hiking routes this is particularly important since it is often challenging to carry all the water that will be needed in bottles or other containers.
  • Replace electrolytes: One drawback to drinking plenty of liquids is that it can cause your body to lose certain electrolytes such as sodium. To prevent this and still remain hydrated, be sure to bring snacks with you when you hike. Natural foods that contain electrolytes include bananas, lemonade, orange juice and tomato juice. Finally, try bringing powered sports drinks with you so that the boost to your electrolyte levels will be a tasty one.
  • Carry a water filter: Water filters are cheap, plentiful and lightweight. They can also prove to be essential if you come upon water containing salmonella, cholera and e-coli and protozoa including giardia and crypto. This being said, they cannot eliminate all danger that may lurk in suspect water sources. For this reason, you should consider carrying water purification tablets with you as well.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine: Alcohol and caffeine both have a way of dehydrating you even though they are liquids. Therefore, avoid imbibing in either prior to your hiking trip. drinking water
  • Know the signs of dehydration: As we said at the beginning of this post, people can suffer from dehydration without even feeling thirsty. Therefore, it is important to recognize some of the signs of dehydration. They include: rapid heart rate, excessive fatigue, dizziness, low urine levels, etc.

Using these tips you should be able to create a strategy that will keep you hydrated while hiking. Our site offers you the opportunity for plenty of Yellowstone national park hiking where you can meet up with and enjoy this activity with like minded individuals. We also have scenic railroad trips that are available throughout the US and Canada.

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