Ways to Reduce Backpack Weight

Ways to Reduce Backpack Weight

Many hikers have problems organizing their backpack efficiently. Since a comfortable hike depends a great deal on carrying as little weight on your person as possible, many hiking experts say that it is important to master the skill of loading your backpack as resourcefully as possible. Here, are some tips on how to organize your backpack effectively by making it as light as possible while still having in it the equipment, food etc, that you will need.

Many experts say that hikers should focus first on reducing food items in order to make a lighter backpack. Let’s start with the most important food related item a hiker can take with him/her – water. Water helps us to control the body’s temperature and it helps us to remain hydrated. Since it is hard to reduce the amount of water required for a hike, you should consider trying to estimate the amount of water you will need for your entire trip. You can do this in one of two ways. First, you can go online and use a calculator that will tell you how much water you need daily based on height, weight and level of activity. Second, you can do this by studying the map you will be using on your hike and finding out where the water sources are located.

As you seek to control how much food and water you pack with you on your hike keep in mind that hiking can be a pretty intense form of exercise activity. You will need some food in order to generate enough energy to be able to move about. Not preparing enough food can be just as detrimental to your trip as carrying too much food weight with you. However, the most important thing to consider when knowing what foods to pack is caloric count. Prepare foods that provide the optimum amount of calories you will need. These items do not necessarily need to be bulky. For example, trail mix can supply a lot of your caloric needs and generally does not weigh much. Look for nutritious calories from quality food instead of using junk food for a temporary burst of energy.

When we talk about nutritious calories, most hikers usually think about fruits and vegetables. Try dried apricots, banana chips, and apple chips instead of whole fruits and vegetables. Also consider packing freeze dried food. Because freeze dried tends to be very light, it is easy to contain in a backpack. Using these tips you should be able to create a strategy that will help you control your backpack’s weight. Our site offers you the opportunity for plenty of Yellowstone national park hiking where you can meet up with and enjoy this activity with like minded individuals. We also have scenic railroad trips that are available throughout the US and Canada.

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