We invite you to join us on the vacation of a lifetime. Here at Black Sheep Adventures we offer you the choice of Hiking, Biking or Rail for your next adventure vacation. We are based in California and operate our adventure trips all over North American and the world. Regardless of what type of travel you enjoy and where you want to go we will work to make your experience simply ewephoric.

How about exploring one of the incredible US National Parks? We are expert adventure trip planners with years of experience in each park. Our guides and study leaders include former National Parks Service employees, scholars, and seasoned educators.

There are so many adventures you can have by bicycle that would otherwise never been experienced. There is an exhilarated feeling that you only get by exploring the world on two wheels. Our bike adventure trips can cover epic climbs, incredible scenery, adorable towns, ands o much more. See for yourself.

Nothing is quite as relaxing as a scenic rail tour watching the landscape pass you by as you learn about the history of the land and rail you ride. Our scenic rail journeys are led by seasoned rail historians and trip planners who know how to mix a great education with a wonderful experience.